Know our Founder

Sheikh Abdurrahman Saqafi is an erudite scholar, philanthropist, institution builder, visionary with a clear-cut plan for the development of society and a captivating public speaker from Kerala, India. He is the founder of Sirajul Huda educational complex, the educational and charity prodigy which has stretched its service throughout the nation taking education to the doorsteps of the deprived sections. Sheikh Abdurrahman is the most famous scholar hailing from Calicut in Kerala and is a member of the official Shura of All Kerala Jam-iyyatul Ulema, the leading scholarly organisation of south Asia. The development vision which he envisages has yielded many fruits in the life of the deprived peoples from different communities. He firmly believes in the power of education for the emancipation of the downtrodden peoples of Indian nation. Thus, as a developmental activist he has successfully founded a number of schools and colleges with special prominence given to impart elementary education. In all the institutions he provides scholarships for the students who are incapable of accessing the quality education. Sheikh Abdurrahman has immensely influenced the general public in the state by his stunning and thought provoking speeches teemed with spiritual favor and convincing examples and is successful in evoking positivity and confidence in the hearts of audience. His record-setting speeches that last for hours leave lasting impression in the mind of thousands, developing zeal for society’s welfare and development. Beyond the confines of rabble rousing, his speeches has become a trove of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. Sheikh Abdurrahman has earned post graduation in medieval classics form the prestigious university of India, the Jamia Markaz. He has studied under many classical authorities of the local traditions with interdisciplinary rigor. He has mastered grammer, syntax, languistics, rhetoric, Aristotelian logic, peripatetic and Neo-Platonist philosophy, sufi mysticism, exegesis and its auxiliary sciences, science of narration etc. Pullookkara Usthad and Thaikandy Usthad were two main scholarly icons who fostered this gifted soul. He has been honored with a lot of awards and accolades for his unprecedented contribution for the overall uplift of Indian mass and keeping the physical psychological well being of the people through public talks infused with ideas and spiritual wisdom. Sheikh has visited a number of countries including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Egypt, Yemen, Chechnya etc. He has participated in many national and international conferences on various topics. He was the special guest of International Summit held in Chechnya under the patronage of the Chechen Republic. He has participated in the conference conducted by the Republic of Yemen at Sana and was the speaker at Dubai Holy Quran Award conference. He had been the guest of UAE Islamic Affairs and ministry of Awqaf.