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Sheikh Abdul Rehman Al Saquafi

Education, Peace, philanthropist

One Man. One Mission. Can He Go Beyond?

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Sheikh Abdul Rehman
Al Saquafi

Sheikh Abdurahman Saqafi, popularly known as Perode Ustad, is a public speaker, edupreneur, philanthropist, Islamic Scholar and community builder hailing from Perode, the suburb of Calicut, Kerala. He is the founder of the well known educational initiative, Sirajul Huda Educational Complex, Kuttiady, Kerala. He is the secretary of the All India Sunni Scholars Association, Kerala Muslim Jamath and general convenor of Jamiathul Hind Al Islamiyya (Indian Islamic University).

Educational background

He has mastered all Islamic studies disciplines such as hermeneutics, jurisprudence, law, legal theory etc and traditional Arabic liberal arts such as linguistics, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy. He is also a voracious reader of ancient philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle and classical polymaths such as Imam Gazzali, Imam Razi, Imam Navavi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd etc. He also keenly follows contemporary popular literature.

Peace initiatives

Sheikh is constantly raising awareness among the general public on the need of peaceful coexistence and keeping communal harmony. He has involved in many dialogues between the leaders of different communities and worked for better understanding and cooperation between religions, sects and political groups. As a scholar, he has revealed inevitable theological underpinnings of pluralism and rights of all kind of minorities, which turns terrorist and extremist stands theologically invalid.

Educational Philosophy

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all," says Aristotle. Sheikh's philosophy of education emphasizes the need for integration between the mind and heart for education to yield a sustainable future and to preserve the social and cultural fabric with keeping development perspectives. He has built dozens of institutions in the educational sector ranging from kindergartens to master colleges on all streams including humanities, commerce and natural and social sciences. He has revolutionized the Islamic education field too by integrating it with modern knowledge. Currently, he is running almost ten Integrated colleges where religious scholars with deep-seated knowledge in academics are being fostered.

Philanthropic Concept

His philanthropic concept is centred on education as he believes that it is by making quality education accessible to downtrodden classes we can permanently eradicate poverty. Thus he has implemented several schemes to fund the education of the poor and also founded institutions for that cause. He is also delivering services in other poverty alleviating sectors too by helping the poor to make their ends meet.

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On April 10, 2021

QThis is no less than deserving!!!!! I have immense pleasure to congratulate the multinational entrepreneur, philanthropist and after all the well-wisher of our projects and programs , Padma Shri M.A Yusuff Ali for being conferred with highest civilian award of Abudhabi.

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On June 12, 2021

Childhood is a very important stage of the human lifespan that decides and determines the upcoming life. Upbringing them, by educating and training adequately, to make them self sufficient is as inevitable as parental care and control.